Fire and Void is the result of a lifelong passion for rocks. It began in the Arizona desert as a child, where I found things that could not be understood at the time. My fathers yard had become a hoard of what I now know to be fossil worm burrows, stromatolites, and brachiopods. 

             Around ten years ago I moved to Boise ID, where my obsession took a new turn. As the pile grew higher, so did the need to do something with them. Fire and Void was born. It started with horrid, tumbled stones and thunder egg slices. My obsessive nature would not let me get away with a mediocre result. After slowly building up machinery and going through a brutal crash course in everything from electrical motors to website design, I was ready to make things that appealed to my generation. After some friends of mine from a band in Arizona expressed an interest in some picture jasper picks, but were not able to find any, and being a Punk Funk bassist myself, I was interested in making one. It soon became what I wanted to do. With my Family even taking an interest, I knew I had to go for it.  
                    Now the main goal is making affordable, quality, and one of a kind stone picks. Know that every pick is tested. And goes through a rigorous approval system performed by our youngest. She rates every pick as either "ooooooo pretty" or "ick". 


    Now, all that being said, these picks are made of stone, not platinum. They will last you years and years of normal use, but here is a short list of what they do not like.
 1.  They are not meant to grind down the strings for cool industrial scratching noises.
 2.  They have terrible social skills with hard surfaces, concrete, glass, or pretty much anything that's not a string on a musical instrument.
 3.  They don't like being in the hands of abusers, if you're wanting to rage against the machine with this pick and basically put it through SEAL training with your version of a rock and roll "hell week" the poor thing isn't going to last long. For those moments that we all enjoy, I suggest those crappy plastic picks. 
   These are beautiful pieces of functional art, and bring style and personality to any player. Please enjoy responsibly.